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With the disappointing lack of jailbreaks for iOS 10, the community was desperately hoping that iOS 11 would be better. Right now, it isn’t looking terribly likely as, although it is only a few weeks old, it has already been updated several times. Each update brings a new security fix and pushes the chance of a jailbreak even further away. Although Yalu jailbreak has received an update for iOS 11, it is only for certain devices. App installers like AppValley [ext link], Emus4U and vShare have been released recently with access to some Cydia apps and AirShou screen recorder is also available without a jailbreak. Now we have another option, CoolPixel, a screen recorder that also allows you to edit videos and create new ones, using built-in filters to provide stunning effects. If you want to know more about CoolPixel, click the link but here’s how to download it on your iOS 11 device.

Image : CoolPixel iOS 11 Download

How to Download CoolPixel iOS 11 :

Method 1 : Safari Browser [ Easy Method ] 

CoolPixel works on all iOS devices on iOS 11 and, although you can’t download it from the app store, it is very easy to do. Just follow the guide below, using your iPhone or iPad, the internet and Safari browser:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad , you can only use Safari for this method 
  2. Go to the address bar and type in 
  3. Wait until our mobile webpage has loaded up and then tap the UP arrow , iPhone user will find it bottom center and iPad users at the top right of the screen 
  4. When the new screen opens, tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Now type CoolPixel into the box for naming the app icon. Tap on Add and close Safari 
  6. Now you will see CoolPixel on your home screen  

Video: Watch this to see the above steps

Method 2 : Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

As this is a little more advanced, you must do these steps as written otherwise CoolPixel may not be installed on your device:

  1. Open Safari browser and open this [ link
  2. A page about CoolPixel will open; tap the link that allows the profile to Install Directly to your device
  3. When your Settings app has opened on the Profile page, tap to Install Profile
  4. Input your passcode and Safari browser will open again
  5. Tap to Install CoolPixel, tap Install to confirm, and Settings opens once more 
  6. Tap Install > Next 
  7. Tap Done and wait while CoolPixel installs to your device 

If there is no CoolPixel icon on your home screen, the installation has failed, and you will need to repeat the steps again

CoolPixel Not Working Fix :

While CoolPixel is a great screen recorder app, unless you install Anti Revoke [ext link] alongside it, you will find it continually crashes as Apple will revoke the app certificate. Anti Revoke blocks this from happening, making it a necessary companion to CoolPixel

CoolPixel Alternatives :

CoolPixel is an excellent screen recorder but it isn’t the only one. The following are two of the early and most popular screen recorders ever produced, much used by the jailbreak community and can now be used without having to download Cydia first :

  • AirShou

While AirShou always used to be a very popular Cydia download, after a while it was removed and never brought back. Until now. The developers have updated AirShou with loads of extra features and released it back to us. It doesn’t use much in the way of device resources, it has the best in sound recording quality and you can video anything you like in 1080p at up to 60fps. And, even better, you don’t need Cydia anymore. Click the link and find out what else AirShou [ext link] is offering.

  • iRec

iRec is the original screen recorder from Cydia, but after a while, the developers stopped updating it to support later iOS versions. Now though, its back, it better than before and it has support for all iOS devices on all iOS versions. With features such as Full HD Screen Recording, auto compression to save space and a whole range of dedicated settings, iRec is still one of the top recorders. Follow the linked post to find out what else iRec [ext link] has to offer

Have you been missing the use of a good screen recorder ? While CoolPixel offers you the basic abilities that any screen recorder should, it goes much further than that and is worthy of at least a look. Download it and tell us your thoughts on it and follow us on Facebook for more iOS jailbreak news.

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  1. I can finally get the CoolPixel to download. Its very easy to get it to my start up screen following the simple instructions on how to download the app.

    Thanks to Team CoolPixel …!!!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Gary. You should also try the AirShou app. It is a cool replacement for the CoolPixel app.

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