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There isn’t any secret about the fact that iOS users can jailbreak, and Android users can’t. The Android platform is far more open than iOS is but there are still some things that they can’t get, a decent screen recorder for one. iOS users would get things like that from Cydia but, as this can’t be downloaded on Android, that option is closed. However, we do have an app called CoolPixel, a great screen recorder app that also doubles up as an app for video editing and creation. It works as well on Android as it does on iOS and we’re going to walk you through downloading it on your android device.

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How to Download CoolPixel APK :

Downloading CoolPixel onto your Android device isn’t quite the same as downloading an app from the Play Store, but it isn’t difficult to do. It involves the download of the CoolPixel APK, the application package file that will download the software to your device and you will need your computer to do this. The steps must be followed as written otherwise CoolPixel will not be installed.

  1. On your Android smartphone or tablet, open Settings > Security 
  2. Find the option for Unknown Sources and make sure the box next to it is ticked , don’t leave this step out because the CoolPixel APK cannot be downloaded without it 
  3. Now go to your PC or Mac and download the CoolPixel APK [ File ]
  4. This will download in zipped format so extract the contents and then send the apk file to yourself in an email
  5. Open the email on your tablet or smartphone and download the attached file
  6. Locate the download on your device and tap on it 
  7. CoolPixel will now be downloaded to your Android device

The steps may look a little fiddly but, provided you have a decent internet connection, it should only take a couple of minutes before you can be making use of one of the best screen recorder apps there is. Enjoy features such as creating videos in Full HD at 60 fps, edit videos, add filters and so much more besides.

CoolPixel Alternatives :

While CoolPixel is a great screen recorder app, it is not the only one. Before CoolPixel, we had these two, both popular Cydia downloads. Now you can have them without having to install a jailbreak:

  • AirShou

AirShou is a name that most jailbreakers will recognize, given that it used to be one of the most popular screen recorders ever released through Cydia. After it was withdrawn, users were forced to find another alternative but now AirShou has returned, bigger and better than ever before. With top-quality sound recording, videos at 1080P at up to 60fps, and an app that uses little in the way of device resources, AirShou now does not require you to jailbreak to use it. Get all the details on what AirShou [ext link] has to offer by clicking on the link.

  • iRec

iRec Screen Recorder used to be the most downloaded from Cydia but it fell off the face of the earth after the developers ceased the updates. Now they have updated it, added in loads more features and made it into a much better app. iRec offers auto compression so you don’t fill your device up with recordings, full HD Video Recording, a whole heap of settings and much more. You no longer need to jailbreak to install iRec and it has support for all iOS versions. Click the link and find out what iRec [ext link] is offering.

Let us know how you get on with CoolPixel on your device and if you come across any problems with it. We are constantly on the lookout for apps and features like this that can be used on android and IOS devices so follow us on Facebook for more updates, tips and tutorials like you read here.

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