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With screen recorders being the most popular downloads, both from Cydia and from the iOS app store, it’s hard to make a choice which one to use. Many people use CoolPixel, a Screen Recorder that offers video editing facilities as well, allowing you to create and edit your videos all in one place. CoolPixel may not be what you are looking for though; maybe you want something a little simpler but still full of features, in which case, you would need a screen recorder app called AirShou.

Image : AirShou Screen Recorder

What is AirShou ?

AirShou [ext link] is one of the most popular screen recorder apps ever released. At one time, you could only get it if you installed Cydia on your device but now anyone can use it. AirShou has been redeveloped with support for more iOS versions and devices and with loads more features especially for those on iOS 9 or higher.

AirShou Features :

AirShou has plenty of features to choose from including:

  • It needs no jailbreak to work
  • Compatible with all iOS devices on iOS 7 or higher
  • More features available for those on iOS 9 or above
  • Simple to use
  • To start and stop recording, all you need is a single tap on the on-screen button
  • Record whatever you want on your iOS device screen, be it a high game score, an instruction video, or anything else
  • Record on Full HD 1080p at 60fps
  • Add in stereo sound recording and turn your video into a professional one
  • No need to worry about AirShou hogging resources , it uses little in the way of memory and processor and doesn’t take up much room, making it very efficient

Compatible Devices :

AirShou is fully compatible with all the following iOS devices on iOS 7 right through to and including iOS 11:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch

Downloading AirShou :

AirShou is a great screen recorder app and is a good alternative to CoolPixel for those who are looking for something different. It isn’t a complicated screen recorder to use but it does offer plenty of in-app features, making it one of the best for recording your screen, be it a simple game score or a more complex how-to video. Downloading AirShou [ext link] is simple and full details can be found at the linked post.

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